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Every restaurant like yours has unique needs in order to cater to an online presence.Thatís why weíll work you to ensure the perfect online system so youíll never be overwhelmed.
FREE options for bespoke online ordering systems and on-the-fly changes to ensure nothing gets clustered*
Customer data ownership and FREE monthly detailed analytics down to the order
Organic domain ranking to the top of search sites to maximize your revenue
24/7 customer support and direct access line to CEO / CFO of Potlam. NO ROBOTS EVER.

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Affordable Pricing

Discover thousands a month in un-tapped revenue while growing your margin Unlike our competitors,we offer flexible commission free pricing to let you keep your margins without any commissions. We also offer extremely flexible commission pricing per sale to boost profits

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Our Advantage

Enjoy our proven customer system that can boost your repeat sales
Never worry about a clustered kitchen with our admin menu update features
Own your online offerings with our mobile admin dashboard to make quick changes
Never worry about your web security with our full PCI certification
Run your restuarant smooth with quick support and direct CEO access
Organic Growth of SEO (search engine optimization) with your own website link promotions and bring your site to rank top of the web pages.